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Wreck Diver



About the Course

Whether it was purposely sunk for use as an artificial reef, or lost as the result of unforeseen circumstances, wrecks are fascinating part of our history. Exploring sunken ships, airplanes and other wrecks is something most divers are excited to do. Our PADI Wreck Diver specialty course helps you develop the skills and knowledge necessary to dive any wreck safely and confidently while observing responsible wreck diving practices.

During four dives you’ll learn:

  • The planning, organization, procedures, techniques, problems and hazards of wreck diving

  • The preparation and use of lights, air supplies, special equipment, penetration lines and reels

  • Limited-visibility diving techniques and emergency procedures

  • Safety considerations for navigating and exploring wrecks.

  • Surveying and mapping a wreck.

  • Using penetration lines and reels to guide exploration.

  • Techniques to avoid kicking up silt or disturbing the wreck and its inhabitants.

  • 4 dives over a two-day period. (2 dives per day)


Only $385.00

Includes: Training & Materials

Travel expenses not included.

Your Instructor

Rene Garcia

I received my PADI Open Water certification in 2007 and have been hooked ever since. I received my PADI Instructor rating in 2020 and am looking forward to sharing and teaching scuba to others who seek new adventures. I am certified to teach PADI Open Water courses, Emergency First Responders as well as some other PADI specialty courses.

Being in the water is just a great place to be. Other than my bed, it is my happy place.

Rene Garcia
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